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Ci1 inline skate boot


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100% Carbon shell inline racing boot with an all new footbed that makes these speed boots the core differentiator. Optimized power transfer, precision edge alignment. The new fast forward footbed is a stabilizing platform that’s leveraging unparalleled free range of motion for the ultimate in control.

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This is the one - Competitive Intelligence

The Ci1 is the differentiator. Most speed boots can’t take claim credit for a speed skater’s success, but this one could be your difference between fast and fastest. No other stock boot offers the feel and control embedded in this boot’s design. Out of the box custom feel, micro-adjusted fit, ultimate edge control and unlimited potential. This is the boot that will up your game.

It’s all in our fast-forward foot bed and dial-in lace closure system. Its ability to optimize power transfer through the foot bed, into the mounting blocks, across the frames and right through the wheels to the track is a distinctive feature that sets it apart from others. Everything you give – all your effort - you get back in speed response. Nothing is wasted. Your work is worth it. The design of the foot bed combined with the dial-in closure and lace system allows for the most efficient distribution of foot pressure possible, and an extremely snug fit. This boot is designed to give you precision edge alignment, so that maximizing your stride has never been easier, from edge to edge. The low-cuff and max-edge ability allow for unparalleled free range of motion. You’ve never truly carved an inline blade until you’ve skated in this boot. And at top speed, you can maintain the snugness of the fit with a simple twist of the dial, making micro-adjustments easy to reach from a skating position. You foot is always right where it needs to be, snug atop your mounting blocks, for ultimate control. Welcome to Competitive Intelligence.

Performance design | 6 reasons why these boots makes you faster:

  • re-designed footbed for better edging
  • new heel pocket design for more stability
  • thermo-moldable edges allow detailed customizing
  • secure dial-in closure and lace system allows quick adjustment
  • exposed mount blocks ensures perfect alignment and optimal control
  • 100% carbon shell for higher efficiency

Informations complémentaires

Option de réglage sous la chaussure multiple thread holes
Entre Axe de la chaussure 195mm
Degré de rigidité sur la chaussure Extrêmement rigide + contrôle maximal
Thermoformage sur la chaussure arch+heel+ankle
Matériaux utilisés Fibre de Carbone (sur-mesure)


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