Ice Skating Bags | Speed Skate Backpacks

  1. Waterflow speed skate backpack


    This is it, this is the speed skate bag for ice speed skaters with which you can experience your adventures and it’ll last a career! You have a lot to bring with you to skate at the ice rink for an hour. Warm clothes, deburr stones, blade guards, wallet, phone, helmet, id cards, shower stuff and car keys. If you don’t store these things properly, you’ll lose them. This ice skating bags keeps everything safe and accounted for in your durable, multi-pocket ice skate skate backpack.

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  2. Airflow speed skate backpack

    The Cádomotus Airflow ice skate bag takes everything you need to the ice rink. Designed for ice speed skaters, it is the most used backpack from Japan to Germany and from Holland to the USA. Keep your gear as fresh as you can, cool and safe in stylish colors that reflect your style. Our ergonomic speed skating bag is comfortable and safe for your posture. Whether you go on a bike or running, or just have a walk around the track, this bag is the perfect companion. En savoir plus
  3. Versatile sports bag for speedskaters


    Versatile and waterproof ice skating bag. READ ALSO: This is definitely the most attention that I have ever paid to a bag by worldcup speedskater Daniel Greig

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