1. Flasque Souple 250ml

    La flasque souple 250ml aussi appelé "SOFT FLASK" est une bouteille flexible et ergonomique qui permet une hydratation ultrarapide! Cette gourde souple est facile à tenir en main pendant l'effort, avec la valve de morsure de silicon. En savoir plus
  2. Waterproof rain vest

    Prix normal : 49,50 €

    Speciale prijs 29,50 

    Skating in the wet weather is no one’s idea of fun, but if you want to make it a little more bearable then a good waterproof vest is an essential investment. En savoir plus
  3. Casquette 'Cadomotus'

    Prix normal : 20,00 €

    Speciale prijs 10,00 

    Light-weight moisture wicking performance cap. En savoir plus

Functionality, feel and elegance, these are key underlying concepts of the Cádomotus brand. Our quality commitment extends to every product that carries our name. Your total performance package is only complete when you accessorize with the same attention to detail that you put into your selection of skate gear. Our line of accessories will outfit your every need, from travel to track. Cádomotus style is something no other skate company can compete with.