MIA collection by Fila

MIA collection by Fila


Our MIA collection of sportswear brings out the inner athlete in every woman. Merel, Iris and Lisa, together with clothing brand FILA, designed athletic wear for every woman who thinks being comfortable is just as important as being fashionable while working out.


The full MIA collection consists of women cycling kits, fashionable workout clothing, running attire, inline and ice speed skating skin suits and accessories. Merel, Iris and Lisa know what sporty women want. Cycling shorts with comfortable stretchy bands around the legs, running tights that won’t drop en material that won’t keep faul oders around. Affordable, durable clothing, running from sizes XS to XXL, for every woman to find her inner athlete.


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  1. MIA Soft Flask 250ml

    This flexible and ergonomic bottle adapts to the shape of your body! The soft flask is comfortable in the hand, with silicon bite valve. En savoir plus
  2. Drink Bottle 600ml

    Our soft and easy to squeeze bottle with a large and soft silicon nozzle (big mouth) that provides more water flow. Effortless to use and leak proof. Our bottle makes staying hydrated easy! Featured with at twist lock cap for easy use and cleaning. En savoir plus
  3. Cádomotus Delta casque de route ét piste


MIA Philosophy

Merel, Iris and Lisa are marathon skaters on the highest level. To achieve their goals on ice in winter, they inline, bike and run in the summer. Because these girls aren’t paid athletes, they all are still studying or have jobs on the side, which gets tough at times. They know what it’s like, and how nice it can be to, after a long day at school or work, get on your bike and they want to share that with other women. MIA stands for ‘My Inner Athlete’. There’s an athlete in every woman, however busy school, work or family life gets. Life is all about being balanced right?! These girls find balance between pushing their limits and having fun; between working hard and working out.

Connections with FILA

The clothing brand FILA believes in these ladies and their philosophy and the cooperation between these two has lead to a beautiful collection of sportswear. Durable, fashionable clothing for every woman. FILA also dresses the dutch national skating teams and knows what professional athletes find important. Together with the female requirements from Merel, Iris and Lisa, the MIA collection is made to satisfy every sporty woman’s needs.


The revenue from our webshop is used to develop the Mia-community and support our ice speedskating team in order to become less dependent on sponsorship.