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The Adaption T-5 4x110


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Designed for enhanced agility on the track

What are the differences between the Cádomotus 4x110 T-5 and dualbox-5 inline frames? You find the answer reading this review.


The Adaption T-5: Our New 4x110 borrows from previous designs, tailored to track conditions. The Adaption T-5 is a study in control design.

Track conditions demand greater feel for optimal steering in constant high velocity accelerations.

The flex you’ll find inherent in the Adaption T-5 will bridge the gap between stiffness and control to deliver the response you need on tight tracks, indoor or outdoor. Constructed on the basis of our Comp TR, this is a frame that’s going to delivery sprightly response for fast line switching and maximum mobility. Your fast feet and power-out response will get a response best described as “give-back”, allowing for maximum speed return and straight-away recovery. Milled to the highest possible strength, response and design standards, these aluminum frames stand out with their shocking cyan blue, polished finish.

The Adaption T-5 is ideal for longer distance track skaters and those that need less to lift as they stride.

Informations complémentaires

Alliage aluminium de la platine WT3|7***
Longueur du pont 110/2 + 63 = 118mm
Ecart entre les deux fixations de la platine 195mm
Longueur de platine 13.2"
Profile de la platine semi-solid
Frame stifness Firm
Composition de la platine 4x110


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