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    7. Additional terms and conditions may apply to use of information, products and/or services offered through this website, even if these are accessible at no charge.

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g. gather or otherwise compile information about others, including e-mail addresses, without their permission;

h. circumvent measures instituted to prevent or limit access to this website.

  1. CMS reserves the right to prohibit visitors/users from using or continuing to use this website if, in CMS's opinion, the visitors/users concerned act contrary in any way to these General Terms and Conditions of Use or the other policy and other rules and/or other terms and conditions of CMS, without prejudice to CMS's right to take additional legal measures against you and to seek compensation.

  2. If CMS has reason to assume that visitors/users are in any way infringing its intellectual property or other rights, it shall be entitled to furnish the data of the visitors/users concerned, including their e-mail addresses, to third parties.

  3. With regard to information, products and/or services of Cádo Motus Skating B.V. (and, if applicable, its group companies), Cádo Motus Skating B.V.'s General Terms and Conditions (see the link concerned elsewhere on the relevant and applicable pages) shall also apply in addition to these General Terms and Conditions of Use. In the event of a conflict, Cádo Motus SkatingB.V.'s General Terms and Conditions shall prevail.